Majestic Flow Metrics Algorithm: Trust And Citation Flow

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "seo"Backlinks do matter and now they are more important than ever. Majestic flow metric algorithm counts the number of links your website has. It has two variations and both of them are important, but the trust flow is a bit more relevant. We already know that adding backlinks to a website is a must, and it can improve the SERP rank. We also know that using spammed websites and those with bad ratings isn’t a wise choice.

The flow matrix algorithm is divided into two parts:

  1. Trust flow: Trust flow definition is the number of trustworthy backlinks a website has. N non-developers words, it means the number of high-quality links. The more is always better here, but additionally, choosing correct websites to link to is also mandatory.
  2. Citation flow: This represents the number of backlinks a website has. Also, the more links you have, better metrics you will get.

An interesting fact is that trust flow is a primary factor to consider. When it rises, the citation flow will also rise. On the other side, when citation flow grows, trust flow may stay the same or even decline. Ideally, both of the metrics should rise equally.

This is relatively new metric method and it is still hard to maximize. Make sure you only use well-known websites or to check them before you link to them. You can use different methods that will determine the importance of the linking website. For instance, Alexa Rank is the number one solution, and it definitely should be used. The last but not least is the quality and quantity relations of the backlinks you have. It is a better choice to have less links, which are higher quality, than to have a lot of those with poor ranks.