How a Cigar Humidor Works

R├ęsultat de recherche d'images pour "cigar humidor"For them who are still thinking to buy a humidor for your cigars to call “cigar hunk” you may be puzzled to what a humidor is and should or should not one get it. They might be perplexing, because there are available so many kinds and products, pleading for luck to grow old your cigar. But, they are actually a lot easy; a humidor is what it seems like: a container or a space that holds steady dampness.

The internal of a cigar humidor is a warily prohibited setting. Observance of your cigars at the correct warmth and moisture level is important. Preferably, dampness levels in a humidor must be flanked by 70 to 72 percentages to maintain cigars new and hydrated. The warmth within a humidor requires to be preserved amid 68 to 70 degrees F. A digital hygrometer joined to your humidor will help in holding the temperature at the accurate levels. Cigars hoarded lacking enough moisture will curl up and reduce taste.


Cigars that have shriveled could be brought back by putting them in a cigar humidor. But, the restoration procedure is time-consuming and just time and appropriate hydration can rescue a cigar that has been reached its dehydrated form. Rescuing cigars needs insertion of them into the humidor as well as slowly raising the intensity of humidity within.

Aging for Better Taste

Standard stages of dampness and correct warmth confirms that tobacco plants cultivate fine and taste appetizing. Cigars that are permitted to grow within a humidor are normally enhanced flavored than those puffed new. The aging course lets cigars to respire, removing themselves from smells and gases that have developed throughout and the following rolling.

For both the informal cigar lover and the deep devotee, a cigar humidor is an answer to long-term, superior cigars, and an aesthetically enjoyable method to flaunt a compilation.